Alive Desktop 1.0

No Image Alive Desktop is used for keeping desktop icons positions and for saving them in separate configurations. In addition, the simple way for grouping your desktop icons is provided. You can use desktop windows for grouping your desktop icons. If you are moving the window then icons inside it are moving too.

ShadowClock 4.5: Clock with transparent arrows and clock face, transparent clock for Windows XP.
ShadowClock 4.5

desktop will save a little your time. This desktop clock are easy for adjusting so that they could be easily noticed on any background, but would not irritate you also did not close the important elements of the interface. Save your time, use ShadowClock on your desktop. It is not necessary to go down in the tray to find out time. This desktop clock are always accessible, on your desktop before eyes. You can place them in any place of the screen,

time, clock, transparent, desktop, analog

Desktop Organizer & Arranger 1.1.8: D.O.A. puts your desktop icons into categories to make finding them easier.
Desktop Organizer & Arranger 1.1.8

D.O.A. is a unique desktop manager that allows you to split your desktop area into 4, 6 or 9 sections, which can be individually labeled . You can then arrange your icons in a way that you can easily find them. D.O.A. basically acts as an overlay, that helps you organize, it does not change your wallpaper, nor does it interact with the desktop in any way. Simple, but effective for those that need to organize their desktop.

save, icon, arrange, organize, organizer, desktop, restore

No Image
Yamicsoft Flash Desktop 1.1.0

Commonly, our desktop wallpaper is quiescent, do you want a animated desktop wallpaper? Also, the flash files are certain beautiful and most of them are animated or controllable, but you can not use a flash file as the desktop wallpaper directly. Now, by using Yanicsoft Flash Desktop, you can convert any flash file to the wallpaper easily!

create, animated, wallpaper, macromedia, desktop, build, flash

Cool Desk 3.87: Cool Desk a virtual desktop manager which suport `skins`.
Cool Desk 3.87

desktop manager. Ever wish to have several screens on your computer? Cool Desk creates up to 9 virtual desktops and allows you to have different windows in each of them. The desktop manager window has a skinnable interface and allows you to switch from one desktop to another with a single mouse click. You can easily minimize, maximize, close, move from one desktop to another and even drop windows to the system tray area (near the clock) using the

icon, wallpaper, windows, goscreen, desktop, cool, microsoft, desk, xdesk, feature, miniwindows, transparent, drag

Digital Desktop Stickers 1.2.1132: Digital Desktop Stickers simulates real sticky notes on your desktop.
Digital Desktop Stickers 1.2.1132

Desktop Stickers is a powerful desktop application that simulates real sticky notes on your desktop. It is beautiful, user-friendly and feature-rich application. You can create many stickers that will be placed on desktop of your computer. You can adjust every sticker how it is necessary to you: change placement and size of stickers, font and color of text. Digital Desktop Stickers are saved immediately and will not be lost in case your computer

digital, stickers, sticky, screen, desktop, write, note

Private Desktop 2.0: Keep a second password protected screen. Fast switch out.
Private Desktop 2.0

Say you`re at your computer doing something private and someone comes in... Private Desktop will allow you to escape to your "public" desktop with the push of a button. Private Desktop allows you to keep a second password protected screen containing all your private applications. Access to this desktop can be completely customized: its toolbar icon can be made either very small or Invisible, hotkeys can be specified.

password, hotkey, windows, lock, desktop, private, privacy

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